Dale Carnegie & Associates presents its ‘Top Franchise Quality Training Award’ To Dale Carnegie of Orange County

Award PresentationSanta Ana, CA—Dale Carnegie and Associates, one of the world’s leading human resources and management consulting organizations, presents its prestigious Top Franchise Quality Training Award to Dale Carnegie of Orange County.

Dale Carnegie of Orange County, a Certified Women-Owned Small Business, was recognized by Dale Carnegie and Associates at the North American Conference with the “Top Franchise in Trainer Quality” award for 2017. Dale Carnegie of Orange County is excited to announce that it finished out the 2017 year with a Voice of the Customer (VOC) score of 93.3% and a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 82.9%.

This Top Franchise Quality Training Award is bestowed upon the top five franchises that achieve the highest VOC and NPS rating within the over 100 franchises in the North America network.  Ercell Charles, VP of Training Quality – Dale Carnegie and Associates, commented:  “For over 100 years, our unique delivery methodology facilitated by our superb certified trainers is the heart of the transformative experiences realized by organizations and individuals alike.  Franchises, like Dale Carnegie of Orange County, receive the Overall Franchise Trainer Quality Award because of their commitment and dedication to this standard and they do not accept anything less.  It is this type of effort that adds quantifiable value to the customer experience in our programs.” Geri Cerkovnik, CEO, Dale Carnegie of Orange County affirmed: “As demonstrated by this award, our entire team is committed to delivering Excellence in Instruction and partnering with each participate to help them connect their development goals to their business objectives, which are effectively demonstrated by their improved Key Performance Indicators.”  Orange County businesses pride themselves as being cutting edge, high achievers that continually want to improve their company, culture and performance.  “The quality standards that we as an organization instill has allowed us to consistently grow over the last 10 years, which in turn helps our clients to successfully grow their people as well as their business,” she stated.

Dale Carnegie of Orange County, headquarters is at 1805 E. Dyer Rd, Suite 109, Santa Ana, CA 92656, is getting ready to celebrate its 10 year anniversary under the current franchisee ownership.  Geri Cerkovnik added “Our goal is to improve the performance of organizations by improving the performance of their people”.

Dale Carnegie Training® has over 2,700 professional instructors in more than 90 countries.  And it now boasts more than 9 million graduates in businesses across most industries.  Companies can choose from comprehensive course material or receive customized training targeted at very specific business goals.

Dale Carnegie Training® is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education & Training (ACCET), a voluntary group of educational organizations dedicated to promoting the highest standards of continuing education and training.  Dale Carnegie Training® process has been ISO 9001:2015 certified and is also approved through the GSA Federal Supply Schedule #GS-10F-0329K to offer its products and services to federal government agencies.

For additional information, please visit http://www.dalecarnegie.com or call us at 949-833-3253.


8 “Be-Attitudes” to Embrace Change and Increase Adaptability

changeI like to think that I am a highly adaptable person. But, I was not always this way. When I was a newly promoted manager, I challenged every change suggested by the executive team. I felt like (a) I could do it better and (b) they were disconnected from what was happening in the day-to-day operations. Later, I found my lack of adaptability to be a road block when it came to a promotion and I had to make a fundamental change in my approach.

Today, we know that how well individuals handle the process of change and transition can determine how far they advance in an organization. Unfortunately, I am not the only person who has ever resisted change. It is one of the biggest challenges people face today. Why? Is it because one of the oldest and strongest kinds of fear is the fear of the unknown? While this might be the case in today’s business environment, change is inevitable. The good news is that you can build up your ability to process change effectively and make yourself “change saturation resistant.”

Here are 8 “Be-attitudes” to increase your adaptability:

  1. Be adventurous and try something new each day. One reason people fear change is because they are not exposed to it often enough. Build up your adaptability muscle be making a conscious decision to try one new thing each day.
  2. Be an initiator of change practicing constructive dissatisfaction. Comfort zones are the kryptonite of adaptability. Don’t be satisfied with the status quo but instead take the time to look at things from the prospective of “what could be done better.” Make sure you are approaching it from a constructive viewpoint with possible suggestions/changes to make it better.
  3. Be flexible and embrace change with positive thoughts. When people hear that a change is going to happen they typically think of how it might make their job more difficult or everything “bad” that may happen because of it. Instead practice thinking of the positives. Write out the top three things that the change will do to help you, your family, and/or your organization.
  4. Be a visionary that looks at the big picture. People today are often disconnected to the bigger picture and only look at how change will affect them. Make sure you are looking at how changes are connected to the vision of your organization.
  5. Be a strong communicator. One of the biggest weapons against negative attitudes when it comes to change is open and honest communication. Make sure that the communication flow is allowing for a transparent environment when change is occurring. This will ensure that everyone knows what is happening and issues can be addressed promptly.
  6. Be open to advice and support. Seek out feedback for growth on a regular basis. Look for trusted people or a mentor that will give you honest (blunt) feedback. Incorporate it as often as possible.
  7. Be a person that celebrates victories. When we are going through change, we have a learning curve to develop a proficiency in whatever new process, procedure, or task that we are undertaking. Take the time to celebrate when you acquire new skills. Celebrating the victories reminds you that you are growing and increases your confidence in your ability to adapt to new challenges.
  8. Be diligent with a healthy lifestyle. This is important for handling stress. Practice work-life balance. Making sure you get plenty of rest, exercise and a healthy diet can increase both your physical and mental ability to adapt and handle any stress caused by change.

Change can be frightening. However, by incorporating the “Be-Attitudes” into your life, you’ll become more adaptable and thrive in any change.

By Steve VerBurg
Dale Carnegie of Orange County

Download a free copy of Dale Carnegie’s guide to Change Management: A Leadership Guide to Managing Change in the Workplace.

Dale Carnegie Corporate University

The Manager-Employee Engagement: The Bottom Line for Employee Engagement

Employee EngagementThe bottom line for engagement is that managers matter. As a front-line manager you have more control over your employees’ engagement levels than any other contributing factor—more than senior management, more than company pride, and even more than money! You are the biggest determining factor of your team’s willingness to go the extra mile or even stay with your company. Dale Carnegie Training recently conducted independent research to determine the exact behaviors that managers need to exhibit to have an engaged workforce.

The Manager-Employee Relationship: The Bottom Line for Engagement is a two-hour workshop designed to provide you with the tools necessary to create a value-driven culture that will raise confidence levels and make employees feel inspired, enthusiastic, and empowered to achieve higher levels of performance. Participants will learn the critical actions they must consistently demonstrate to drive engagement with their employees. The workshop will be interactive. You will practice a process for conducting an engagement interview, learn person-centered leadership strategies, and walk away with a proven formula for giving personalized recognition that will inspire and motivate employees to higher levels of engagement.

What you’ll learn:

  • Learn what drives employee engagement and why the manager’s role is critical
  • Apply a four-step process for meaningful praise and recognition to drive performance
  • Identify the three pillars of engagement and how to apply them to your team
  • Discover a six-step model for person centered leadership
  • Create an engagement plan for your team


The Manager-Employee Relationship: The Bottom Line for Employee Engagement
November 20, 2017
9:00 AM to 11:00 AM
Dale Carnegie of Orange County
1805 East Dyer Road, Suite 109
Santa Ana, CA 92705