High School Leadership & Communications Course


“I had a whopping 55.1% increase in my sales.”

Robert Le“Back in January of 2017 I was looking for new ways to personally develop myself as well as increase my sales numbers. I was a newly promoted banker in my company and I was trying to find ways to be in the top tier performance level. I was also trying to find that balance between being a top performer and creating long lasting relationships. I didn’t want to cheat my way into being a top performer because I knew I was looking for a long term career with the company. I sought after training programs and I found Dale Carnegie. I submitted my information and a representative by the name of Steve Thomas contacted me. He was very persistent in helping me find ways to enroll in the courses. Because of his persistence I found out my company had a tuition reimbursement program and I was able to attend. I took three courses: High Impact Presentations, Sales Advantage, and Skills for Success. After taking these courses my confidence level shot through the roof. As a naturally timid person I was able to express myself in ways I couldn’t have. From March of 2017 to April of 2017 I had a whopping 55.1% increase in my sales. It was a feat I never knew I could achieve and it was the highest sales number I recorded in my career. In the month of June I was able to repeat the same performance. I hope to continue to increase my numbers as well as be consistent every single month. I look forward to not only being a top performer but a trusted advisor, friend, and colleague. I am absolutely glad that I took these Dale Carnegie courses.”

Robert K Lee – Chase Private Client Banker

October Trainer Spotlight

Jim Claverie

I am passionate about Dale Carnegie because  it impacts people’s lives in such a positive manner. Dale Carnegie helps people achieve their goals which in turn allows them to be more successful in their professional and family lives. I also learn from all of our participants which in turn helps me continue my growth.

One time, a participant said “Thank you for changing my life and making me happier by helping me be more self-confident.” I had a gentleman tell me that thanks to the training his marriage and family life had improved. I have had participants that would visibly shake when communicating to everyone in the first session then do so with confidence at the end of the course. I have worked with companies that have significantly improved their work culture, efficiencies, teamwork, employee engagement and profits as a result of their commitment to Dale Carnegie Training.

I am certified to deliver the Dale Carnegie Course, Sales Advantage, Corporate Solutions, Customer Service, Leadership and a number of specific and custom training topics. I have delivered projects in Spanish.

When I am not delivering a Dale Carnegie seminar or course I am spending time with my family or singing at Church as part of the Life Teen Choir. When time permits, I train in the arts of self-defense, Krav Maga, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai. My kids and self-defense training occupy the majority of my free time.

Mary Ratificar – Graduate Testimonial

Mary Ratificar“Going to the Leadership Management training courses at Dale Carnegie was such a great experience and one that I would recommend! Sam, our instructor, is such an amazing guy. The courses take place after work and sometimes it’s hard to switch your brain over from “work” mode to “learning” mode. Sam just does such a great job from getting you to switch over and his classes are so interactive. You don’t sit there and read out of a book, where your mind can easily wander. The activities are one that you can tweak and make them work for your team.  He makes you get up and on your feet and interact with your fellow classmates! You absolutely need the longer 7 week course to really start to build those good habits every manager should have. Some things are not new but I think every leader needs that reminder and you do get a fresh perspective on different strategies to handle work and staff.  I would absolutely recommend this course to my fellow colleagues and any manager who wants to be a great leader!”

Mary Ratificar
Sales Manager
Baker Party Rentals

June Trainer Spotlight

Monica LeSage

I don’t want to oversell it, but Dale Carnegie has changed my life. I walked into my first Dale Carnegie course as a high-achieving, stress-filled perfectionist. I was smiling widely, but there was a hidden fear behind the smile- fear that I wouldn’t live up to my own standards, or those of others. At home and at work, I avoided confronting others, and was uncomfortable with being corrected.

My life was significantly impacted as I read “How to Win Friends and Influence People” and “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living”. The principles for leadership in “HTWF&IP” gave me insight about how to give people direction without creating animosity, something I had never been able to do before. The stories in “HTSW&SL” clearly showed me how to approach stressful situations and thoughts in a more productive way. The books had been on my “To Read” list since I was in college, yet I hadn’t picked them up until that first day of my “Skills for Success” course. I was blown away!

Throughout the course, I observed myself and seven others, grow in their ability to speak more authentically, and with confidence. We gained tools to connect with others, built relationships, and practiced managing stress. We were coached by our facilitator in a way that upheld our dignity and encouraged us to make small, manageable changes. This began to shift how I viewed feedback. I walked out of the course with a new sense of self, more secure in who I am. And I couldn’t wait to become a bigger part of the organization!

As a facilitator, I’ve seen hundreds of people impacted in powerful ways, though for each one the experience is unique. I’ve seen an advertising CEO realize he had been alienating the co-founder of his company, and heard him talk about how he applied Mr. Carnegie’s principles to begin rebuilding the relationship. I’ve seen multiple teens, so shy they are unable to make eye contact with me or others; then complete the course and confidently tell us about how glad they are they participated- with their head’s held high, and making eye contact. I’ve heard younger teens talk about how they never felt like they could say “No.” before taking the “Developing a Self-Confident, Assertive Attitude: The Key to Middle School Success” course. All of these people experience growth, and find the strength to push the limits of their comfort zones. They build a new framework to approach life from- with a confident attitude, and a belief that they can assert themselves and still honor others.

I love seeing people’s lives enhanced, and having the privilege to be a part of the process. I thrive on coaching people to maximize the potential they have inside, and see Dale Carnegie courses as a vehicle for that transformation. I truly aim to live the principles, and took it is an enormous compliment when I heard another trainer say I was “like Dale Carnegie’s grand-daughter”.

At Dale Carnegie, I’m certified to facilitate the “Skills for Success” and “Delivering High Impact Presentations” curricula. I train these courses for adults and teens. They focus on: building confidence and flexibility, developing skills in public speaking and leadership, as well as skills for dealing with stress. At AAA, I’m also certified to train the “Leadership Training for Managers” and “Sales” curricula.

When I’m not “entertaining” participants in the ways of Dale Carnegie, you will often find me outdoors. I love tending the flowers and vegetables in my garden, camping in Big Bear, walking my Wheaten Terrier, Midas, at the Newport Back Bay, and exploring the cities I visit with AAA. We have regional offices all over the US, and I’ve found that I love to see the architecture, try new restaurants, and meet the locals. I rarely meet a stranger who stays a stranger for long.

May Trainer Spotlight

Brenda Wells
Brenda Wells

Why are you passionate about being a Dale Carnegie Trainer?

Although I am a relatively new trainer, I find that with each course, with each session even, the psychic rewards that come from the breakthroughs and “A Ha!” moments light up my soul. To be a part of an organization with such high professional expectations, effective methodologies, and valuable principles is both humbling and honoring. Recently, a participant said that she had no idea why she was being sent by her boss to the 3-Day Immersion Strictly Business course, but was willing to cooperate. About the middle of the 3rd day she admitted as much, then went on to add that she realized the course had changed her life. Changed her life! In three days, we changed her life! That is powerful, and being able to be a part of the process makes me passionate about being a Dale Carnegie Trainer.

What courses do you train?

I am certified in the Dale Carnegie Course and High Impact Presentations, as well as facilitate 1-day customized courses that are a lot of fun such as the Public Speaking for Professionals and Achieve Success.

Tell us a little bit about yourself…

Being married to Marine has offered me an amazing depth of opportunities and experiences which has truly helped form my understanding of people. Learning to recreate myself and connect with strangers every few years required risks and empathy to succeed and find joy in a considerable span of cultures. From North Carolina to Southern California, Okinawa to Germany, I have found that people are all looking for the same thing: to be valued on their own terms. I remind myself of this often because it applies to teens as well, as I have 3.

International travels and multi-cultural experiences have also created in me a keen sense for social justice, an interest that led me to start a non-profit to address domestic human trafficking. The i-5 Freedom Network is an organization that provides human trafficking awareness and response training to businesses that are uniquely poised to intersect with the issue. As a corporate response to human trafficking, we take organizations from totally unaware to totally prepared to be powerful and effective game changes in this global epidemic. Our goal is to mobilize communities to become a powerful neighborhood watch at the business community level, making each a Safe City, one that is a lighthouse for victims, inhospitable to traffickers, and community of corporate social responsibility. As this non-profit is a training organization, I love that my experience and training with Dale Carnegie has had a direct impact on my ability to successfully translate and motivate our audiences to action.

A lighter but no less passionate interest is one I have in Art History. I have both an BA and MA in Art History, and far from being invaluable, it gave me the powerful tools of interpretation and awareness for other cultures and individuals. I had the pleasure of working for over 15 years as an art consultant in Museums, Art Galleries, as an independent representative for artists, and for a real estate development project consultant. I am constantly inspired by the value of the visual experience, be it lovely or ugly, as art is a powerful translator of the human condition.